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540 WHP Nissan Skyline GTR

Dreams do come true! Our featured Nissan Skyline GTR is owned by @gtrspidey ! Be sure to take the time to appreciate the DETAILS! The mod list is endless on this AMAZING 540 WHP R32.

1. How long have you owned the car?

Picked her up December 2019 from Driver Motorsports, pretty well built and well modified already but still working on making her my own.

2. What’s your next mod?

Just installed a bunch of stuff but next up is the zleds LED programmable taillight kit and a larger fuel pump for e85 duty along with the 1300cc injectors just installed.

3. What’s your favorite angle, front, back, left, right?

I love the front 1/4 view but to be completely honest, every view!

4. On your current setup what numbers are you seeing?

She was street tuned at 1.5 bar by Driver Motorsports before they had their dyno, estimated 540whp and feels every bit of that. Going for more soon with more boost and e85!

5. If you could have any car what would it be?

That's really tough, there are so many possibilities. I really like the Koenigsegg cars and even the older, very raw models. Something like that or a Pagani Zonda R maybe?

R32 Skyline Mod List

N1 24U RB26

Trust High Capacity Oil Pan

HKS GT2530 Turbos

HPI Turbo outlet pipes

Tomei Expreme Ti front/downpipes+test pipe+cat-back

Tomei Cam Gears

Mines Rocker Cover Baffles

ARC Front Mount Intercooler

Greddy 264 Cams

Greddy Intercooler Piping

Greddy Suction Kit

Amazon aluminum maf delete pipes and K&N filters

Greddy Fuel Rail

Greddy Type R Blow Off Valve

Grex Oil Cooler

Tomei Head Gasket

Alpha Injection Clinic 1300cc injectors

Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator

Nismo Fuel Pump

OS Giken Twin Disc Clutch

OS Giken Rear LSD

Zimax Radiator

Custom Swirl Pot

Custom Catch Can

AN Lines for Catch Can

Haltech Platinum Pro ECU

Jun Front Lip

78works headlights

Nismo N1 Front Bumper Vents

Nismo N1 Sideskirts

Varis Vented Hood

Cusco 12-point Roll Cage

Cusco Water Sprayer/Controller

Defi Boost Gauge

Defi Water Temp Gauge

Defi Oil Pressure Gauge

Greddy EGT Gauge

AEM UEGO X-series AFR Gauge/controller

Greddy Profec 2 Boost Controller

Field ETS Torque Split/Attesa Controller

HKS Circuit Attack Counter Lap Timer

Tomei 310KPH Speedometer

Momo Suede Steering Wheel

Nismo Rear Lower Control Arm

Nismo Rear Upper Control Arm

Nismo Traction Arm

AM Hicas Eliminator

Aluminium Subframe Collars

Solid Transmission Crossmember Bushings

Kansai Service Rear Chassis Bracing

Kansai Service Front Chassis Bracing

Speed Shop Turbo Front Upper Control Arm

Tein Tension Arms

Kansai Service Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars

18" Rays/Volk TE37 SL

+ Rays center caps with custom adapter kit

F40 Brembo Front Brakes

R33 GTR Rear Brembo Brakes

Steel Braided Brake Lines

Steel Braided clutch lines

Custom Front Brake Ducting

Innovative Engines & Engineering rebuilt ITB kit with o-ring and throttle shaft mods

Platinum Racing Products RB R35 Coil Kit

Bride Euroster II gradient seats

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