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Who Are We?

Hey Project Versus Family!

We just wanted to take a few seconds to introduce ourselves.

I (@timadam) have been a long time car lover since my early auto cross days! I have owned a 95 Civic Si , 91 Eagle Talon Tsi, 95 golf (swipe over to see a sweet pic), 2001 Wolfsburg Jetta, 2003 Saab 95, and currently a 2014 WRX. My wife @christinaadam and I are long time entrepreneurs and own @ninjahubgym !

Camden is 10 and has grown up loving cars. One of his first words was He’s an amazing ninja and soccer player. The second pic is of Cam and I looking out the window watching cars. He would say “zoom zoom”!

Cam is helping build this blog on a daily basis, from the ride vs rides to the in-depth feature designs and videos!

We have been watching/loving cars since Cam was a little guy. Here on our insta you will find daily featured rides, and in-depth features on car owners, and photographers. Our mission is to share these amazing rides with the world!

Thanks for stopping by!

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