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Civic Type R - Build Feature

Our featured Civic Type R is owned by @sollyross !


1. How long have you owned the car?

I have owned the car for 5 years now which is crazy to think!

2. What’s your next mod?

It’s probably going to be more carbon fibre additions to be honest. I will be doing more power related things in the near future but I just want to drive and enjoy the car in the state that it’s in right now.

3. What’s your favorite angle, front, back, left, right?

This is a tough one! It is a toss up between the front corner showing the whole car or a rear 3/4 shot from low down to show the rear suspension set up. I can’t choose between them!

4. On your current setup what numbers are you seeing? Horsepower , torque

I am currently running a peak power number of 221bhp so 180whp and 160ft-lb of torque.

5. If you could have any car what would it be?

There are so many that I would choose but I am going to have to be and say an R34 GTR in Bayside Blue. There are a few reasons… they are sick! There are loads of cool parts for them, the seem to be going up in value like mad right now and that RB26 sound!

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